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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Feb 17, 2019

In this week's episode I speak with founder of ZAP Architecture Pol Gallagher. Pol and the ZAP team have created an exciting and entrepreneurial practice who have become their own clients on a number of projects including the reuse of a dilapidated Victorian theatre into one of London's premier trampoline parks (ZAP Space), which is also where their practice studios are based. And yes I did have a bounce! ZAP's work includes art installations, live events, award winning garden's at the Chelsea flower show and an array of home extensions to super prime properties in some of London's most prestigious postcodes.

In this episode you will learn

- The key fundamentals you need to get your own projects off the ground

- Why it takes courage to diversify and why architects should take the risk

- The dangers of taking on the wrong projects


Zap Architecture

ZAP Space

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