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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Jun 27, 2019

On this week's episode, I visit Google HQ in London to speak with Laura Crescimano, co-founder of San Francisco based SITE Lab, a multi disciplinary urban design firm.

Laura is an expert on urban design, with an intimate knowledge of public realm and social power of space. Designing both processes and places, Laura’s projects range from Pier 70, where she led a multidisciplinary team through the design and community process for a 35-acre mixed-use waterfront development in a historic industrial district in San Francisco, to leading the design for Google’s first proposed mixed-use neighborhood located at their headquarters in Mountain View, to designing Pop-up Care Villages for the homeless services non-profit Lava Mae to help them provide mobile showers as well as “radical hospitality.”

In this interview you will learn:
- How Laura and Evan won those early masterplan projects and rapidly created a team
- How SITELab Continues the Legacy of co-founder Evan Rose
- How Laura executes creating self generating projects and client relationships which continue to grow their firm.

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