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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

May 14, 2021

This week, we speak with marketing consultant and co-editor at Cambridge Architecture, Susie Lober, as we pick her brains and get some of her 18 years of experience in developing and implementing successful marketing strategies for architects.

Since 2014, she's been running LO Marketing, a specialist marketing agency and communication support for architects. Before that, she was the Communications Manager and an associate at Fosters' and Partners.

For this interview, Susie brings a broad and deep perspective on the architecture industry. Listen as she shares a lot of insights into how marketing and comms work both from a larger practice perspective and, from her experience working at LO Marketing, with smaller practices.

In this episode, you will discover

  • The obstacles architects face with their marketing
  • The value of both outward-facing marketing and internal marketing
  • How to best approach bid writing and make sure your message lands


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