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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Nov 5, 2021

This week, I’m speaking with Stefanie Sword-Williams, self-promotion expert, author, and Founder of the global movement, F*ck Being Humble.

Stefanie spent 7 years working in advertising, becoming an expert in storytelling before writing the book and starting the movement F*ck Being Humble as a way to teach and encourage people to tell their own stories and change how the world views self-promotion.

Originally started a side hustle, F*ck Being Humble is now a global consultancy, online community, helping thousands of people around the world with communicating their worth, selling themselves, securing their careers, and launching businesses.

Following its success and impact, F*ck Being Humble has delivered talks to clients such as Google, Warner Music, Unilever, ASOS, The Guardian, The BBC, etc, and has attracted considerable media coverage. Stefanie was also named as Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2020 and nominated by The Dots as one of the 100 women who are changing the creative industry.

In this episode, Stefanie and I discuss how F*ck Being Humble began and what it aims to achieve, the cultural and environmental factors that cause us to shy away from self-promoting despite the pressure and desire for our work to be seen, and some of the ways for us to recognize, demonstrate, and celebrate ourselves and what we bring to the table.


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