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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Mar 11, 2022

This week, I am speaking to Seán McAlister, one of the Co-Founders of Seán and Stephen, an architectural practice based in East London who specialize in residential, public work, art installations, residential development, co-working spaces, as well as temporary museum installations, and high street regeneration projects.

Many architects that I speak to are looking at new ways of evolving their business models. Sean has done exactly that with the creation of the company Pencil and Brick, a one-stop-shop design and build company where Seán has taken on wearing the hats of project manager, contractor.

In this episode, he talks to us about many of the constraints that he experienced whilst delivering residential projects, both from the architectural design side and from the contractor team's side, and how Pencil and Brick seeks to solve many of these constraints. 



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