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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Dec 9, 2022

This week I am speaking with Tania Ihlenfeld who is an architect, entrepreneur, and author with more than twenty-three years' experience leading, observing, and innovating within multi-disciplinary teams, including almost thirteen years with Grimshaw, London. 

She is a leader with significant experience navigating through complex project terrains and successfully out the other side. Her passion for effective leadership and her keen eye for what does and doesn't work has been honed through her roles as a designer, a chief motivator, inspirer, negotiator, facilitator, and as a conduit between design teams, stakeholders, and the client. 

She is convinced that there is an easier and more effective way to lead and enjoy projects - and she wrote a book titled BUILD SUCCESS, which provides a blueprint to do just that.


In this week’s episode we will be discussing:

  • Specific Communication Strategies architects can employ to cultivate leadership in complex projects 
  • Using a framework to create project accountability and responsibility 
  • Understanding your clients strategic business case - budget and strategic justification for the project  


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