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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

May 12, 2023

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Jeronimo Van Schendel Erice, co-founder, and CEO of BILDIA, the top estimating and procurement software for construction. 


Jerónimo is a Spanish-Colombian Architect, who has studied at Harvard University, MIT, Sloan School of Management, Madrid Poleticnica, and Lisbon.


He has previously served as Office Manager in a renowned architect's office working, with several projects in Spain, China, and Latin America. His independent work is focused on identifying scalable entrepreneurship opportunities in the intersection of design, AEC, and technology, mainly through platform business models.


Jeronimo has worked with some of the most renowned architects in Spain, such as Cruz y Ortiz, Rafael Moneo, or AS+, and is an IDEO SF CoLab Fellow 2016 (Iot & Blockchain Innovation Lab).


And he is currently Academic Director, IE Master in Business for Architecture and Design, MBArch


In today’s episode, we will be discussing:

  • The 3 principles for an architecture practice to raise fees
  • The importance of meeting a client upstream before they know they need an architect and delivering value
  • How design is currently taught and how the over-emphasis on design is problematic


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