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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Sep 27, 2019

In this interview I sit down with some of the leading minds in architect marketing strategies, Eric Bobrow and Richard Petrie of The Architect Marketing Institute.

The Architect Marketing Institute is a consulting firm focused on helping architects win better projects through effective marketing.

Eric Bobrow is one of the world's foremost internet marketing strategists for architects. He has helped hundreds of architects grow their businesses and has worked with architects for the past 30 years helping them use systems and tools to streamline and grow their practices.

Richard Petrie is a leading architect marketing coach. He has a degree in marketing from University of Canterbury in New Zealand. A former international cricketer Richard brings that same high performance mindset to marketing for his clients that include hundreds of architects around the world. He's the author of the book, "What To Do When Your Marketing Sucks" and he's consulted with business leaders and dignitaries around the world.

In this episode you will learn
- Why giving away free advice is damaging your practice and the industry
- How to avoid falling into the trap of being perceived as a generalist (with no specialism) but retain the joy of working a variety different building typologies
- What makes a great niche to focus in & emerging market trends

Richard's Webinar

Architect Marketing Institute 1-2-1 Breakthrough Call Application