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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Jan 21, 2019

In this week's Podcast episode I speak with co founder, Tomas Stokke and Senior Associate, Dimitris Argyros of Haptic Architects about how as 20 person practice they have been able to deliver colossal projects at infrastructure scale around the world. This remarkable feat has been enabled by a unique company culture which focuses on the art of deep collaboration both with their clients and larger practices (100 people +) to facilitate high levels of design thinking and solutions to projects which demand the highly developed systems, processes and experience of a corporate practice.

In this interview Tomas and Dimitris share how Haptic works with practices both larger and smaller than themselves and how they have systematically gone about winning and delivering projects such as airport terminals, transport infrastructure, governmental buildings, aquariums and regeneration plans.

In this interview you will learn

  • The Keys to Deep Collaboration
  • The benefits you can bring to large practices and how to sell them on it
  • How to cultivate collaboration internally amongst staff


Tomas mentioned if you wanted to collaborate with them to get in touch. Their details can be found on the website:

EARLY BIRD TIX for BOA UK 5th March 2019