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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Mar 11, 2019

What a delight this week's podcast interview is as I get the opportunity to sit down with Piers Taylor of the Invisible Studio. Sitting in a unit studio at Reading University where Piers teaches, we discuss his career, the growing of two architectural practices Mitchell Taylor and Invisible Studio, working in the media and his blue prints for a light weight low risk architecture practice that delivers fulfilling, challenging design and creates a lifestyle where the distinction between work and play is blurred.

Piers is a true innovator and an inspirational voice for the industry who can powerfully articulate the potential of architecture and an architecture business.

In this episode you will learn how Piers has:

  • Mitigated the risk of traditional architecture practice with an innovative business model
  • Created his own projects, diversified and created alternative streams of revenue in his career
  • Followed in the footsteps of his architectural mentor and inspiration Glen Murcutt