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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

May 9, 2019

This is the audio from our Live Event in March.

In 2018 I interviewed 42 architects, archipreneurs and industry thought leaders.
Again and again the same themes appeared that I sensed were at the root of many architecture business problems.

Over the Christmas period, I spent a lot of time quietly reflecting and re listening to those interviews in order to distill what these industry experts were telling me they had found to often be some of the most challenging aspects of running an architecture business and what they have done to navigate around them.

From that study I compiled a list of 7 Business Obstacles that in many cases threaten and prevent otherwise successful and intelligent architecture practices from fulfilling in their mission of delivering impactful and meaningful design work.

In this BoA U.K. live event I shared this list and invited a panel of industry leaders and experts to share how they from years of hard won business experience have learnt to successfully navigate around them in order to create game changing businesses.

Sharing their strategies for avoiding the 7 most common obstacles to an architecture business we have:
The Navy seal of business mentors, for the last 20 years Johan has worked with company leaders, executives, senior partners of firms, business owners and entrepreneurs around the world with a specialist focus on the construction and property sector.

Co-Founder and Director of Studio Egret West (SEW). David has over 20 years experience in Urban Visions, Place Making and Strategic Framework plans and has an incredible experience at dealing with the 7 Threats.

RIBA Journal's Rising Star of 2018. Tara is the founder and director of Studio Gbolade and is an intelligent business woman and entrepreneur, having already created numerous streams of revenue to her practice including apps to design consultation.

Director. Joining shedkm within the first year and contributing significantly to shedkm’s reputation and success, Hazel also spearheaded the opening of the London studio.

Timothy has extensive experience working with funds, family offices and long-term investors to help manage their portfolios and he has walked the path of starting out as a sole practitioner to creating a partnership and growing a team in their central London location. Tim has developed and educated himself in business over the years through extensive self learning and mentorship with other successful architects.

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