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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Mar 25, 2020

I love speaking with innovative architectural entrepreneurs who are redefining their business practices and business models to improve the built environment, create legacy and a sustainable profitable business.

This week's guests tick all those boxes as I got the opportunity to speak with the founders of Kit London - Sara Nasralla and Remi Connolly-Taylor who is also the director of design and architecture practice REMI.C.T Studio. Kit London is an independent property development business focused on unlocking constrained infill sites by delivering high quality lifestyle and design. Sara is the operations director, bringing with her an experience and expertise of working in business development, marketing and business growth. Remi takes the role of designer and developer throughout the entire process of each scheme.

In this conversation you will learn

- Kit London's direct to vendor strategy approach to finding hidden sites ideal for development

- What makes a great investor and how to nurture lasting relationships with them

- The innovative profit sharing scheme Remi has for her team that empowers them to be part of the development

This week's resources


COVID-19: What does it mean for architects? DISCOVERY



REMI C.T Studio