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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

May 4, 2020

The future of architectural practice is emerging in pockets all across the industry. In one such pocket is Bryden Wood, a technology-led design company of architects, computational designers, engineers, analysts, software coders and industrial designers, collaborating with a shared passion for improving outcomes.

I was blown away by my visit to their offices a few months ago, pre corona, to see how this design organisation was bringing together a broad range of specialisms, working across a broad range of sectors with a single purpose - to transform the global design and construction industry.

Bryden Wood is leading a vision to bridge the gap between design, construction and manufacturing to create a highly productive, digitally-led industry which improves the sustainability, efficiency and aesthetic quality of all aspects of the built environment, lowering the financial and carbon cost of assets to business and society.

I sat down with Jaimie Johnston, Director and Head of Global Systems at Bryden Wood who took me through the evolution of the practice and their pioneering work.

What I found most powerful in this discussion was Bryden Wood's ability to understand their client's problems with such deep clarity and analysis and their open source culture. Before any design solutions are proposed, and through relinquishing the need to solve all problems with a building, Bryden Wood encourages client's to produce problem statements, which can be interrogated through an architectural lens.

In this episode you will discover:

- The unique way Bryden Wood develops long lasting working relationships with multi-headed global clients

- How their problem statements have allowed them to enter into new sectors

- Why open source culture for architecture speeds up efficiency and improves design

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