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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Sep 3, 2021

This week, I spoke to James Tait who is an architect, an author, and an educator.

James was the winner of the internationally-renowned RIBA and RIAS Silver Medals in 2008. Since then, he's gained considerable experience as an architect, leading a broad spectrum of high-profile projects at some of the best practices in the UK.

James is the author of a new book called "Entering Architectural Practice," which is published by Routledge. He's also authored another book called the "Architecture Concept Book," which was published by Thames & Hudson.

In this episode, we focus on the themes that were emerging from Entering Architectural Practice. We discuss the growing gap between education and practice, and what universities can be doing to bridge that gap better. We also look at the roles and responsibilities of how practice can be bridging that gap back to university, making architecture education more valuable and more integrated into what you do as a professional.

There were also a lot of very interesting topics that came up. We talk about some of the working conditions that young architects face and some of the root causes of that. We look at the fees of architects and why that has an impact on the working conditions as well. We also take a step back and look at the saturation of the architectural industry. We ask the question, "Are there too many architects?" If that's the case, "What types of things could and should we do about it?" And "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

James is quite brilliant at being able to paint a multi-perspective argument around these issues facing the industry at the moment.


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