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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Sep 2, 2022

Today's podcast is an episode we released on our Business of Architecture podcast earlier this year. It was so good, we wanted to share it with our Business of Architecture UK listeners as well.

We have the privilege of hearing from three Directors of Billings Jackson Design, an industrial design firm working at the interface of construction and product manufacturing.

Duncan Jackson is an engineer and a furniture designer by training. He founded Billings Jackson Design in London in 1992 with Eoin Billings to bring industrial and product design expertise to the construction industry.

Eoin Billings, co-founder of Billings Jackson Design, is an industrial designer responsible for the firm’s work in Europe and the Middle East. He specializes in the design of urban elements, building component systems, and lighting products, working to improve the quality of environments at the human scale through thoughtful, functionally effective interventions.

Simon Kristak is the director of Billings Jackson’s New York office and is responsible for the day-to-day management of Billings Jackson’s project engagement across North America. His work mediates architecture and industrial design as a means to reconsider the built environment from the end user’s perspective.

Listen as they share how the business has evolved, how it's growing, and how industrial design sits in and works alongside other disciplines within the construction industry.


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