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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Dec 23, 2022

Today we will be speaking with the Studio Director of Wade Weissmann Architecture (WWA), Tom Wynn.


Tom has a  passion for inspiring young architects in the classical tradition and extolling the virtues of fine craftsmanship.  He is a strong believer in empowering young designers to discover their professional interests and identify their strengths so that they may confidently evolve into serious architects. 


In his seven-year tenure with WWA, Wynn has enjoyed serving as a mentor, helping staff members develop into accomplished architects who design classic architecture beautifully and properly.  In practice, he values a balance between beautiful design and practical merit; all of which he shares with the firm’s young architects. 


Most recently, Tom is helping to produce an ICAA (Institute of Classical Architecture & Art) event at the Bradley Symphony Center in Milwaukee and has a new residential build currently under construction on Oconomowoc Lake.  


In today’s episode we will be discussing:

  • Listening for what clients actually want not just for what they say want
  • The Art of Mentoring the Next Generation of Architects
  • Marketing and finding ideal clients



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