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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Feb 3, 2023

Today I will be speaking with Neal Shasore, the chief executive and head of school at The London School of Architecture, Trustee of the Twentieth Century Society and the Architectural Heritage Fund, and an architectural historian focussing on architectural culture in the first half of the twentieth century in Britain and the empire. He is also a leading expert on the history and evolution of the profession - I saw him speak on a tour of the RIBA years ago.

Neal previously worked at the RIBA, the University of Westminster, the University of Liverpool, and the University of Oxford. He is particularly passionate about diversifying architectural education, heritage and practice. 

An architectural historian by training, his research and writing has primarily focussed on architectural culture in Britain and the Empire in the first half of the twentieth century and this critical perspective informs his own pedagogy and practice. 


In today’s episode we will be discussing:

  • The possible futures of Built Environment education
  • Part Zero and Part Four the new educational initiatives from the LSA
  • Neal’s New book and diversity and inclusion in the profession and how business and practice education is key part of this


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