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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Apr 27, 2020

"Shut off the negativity, turn up the positivity and go make the world a better place. There's a lot of opportunity coming our way."

So whilst in lockdown I've been using this as an opportunity to connect across the pond with some of the luminaries of architectural business broadcasting.

This week I had the privilege to...

Apr 18, 2020

In this week's podcast, with the wonders of today's online tools I was able to connect with 3 of the UK's leading PR consultants for Architects, Rob Fiehn, Luke Neve and Bobby Jewel to discuss how architecture practices should be thinking about their outbound communications during the corona crisis.

Rob Fiehn has an...

Apr 12, 2020

This interview was one of the last times I properly stepped outside the house, a few weeks before the lockdown in the UK.

I had arranged this interview with Daniele Sini of Richard Markland Architects to discuss their innovative methods of project delivery and software usage, where they have adapted gaming software and...