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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Feb 11, 2022

This week, I'm speaking with Ackroyd Lowrie co-Founder and Director, Oliver Lowrie.

Prior to starting Ackroyd Lowrie with partner Jon Ackroyd, Oliver spent 10 years working at Architype where he was responsible for developing a modular, timber-framed construction system that was used by several London Boroughs to deliver new Primary Schools and Nurseries.

He studied at Sheffield University for his Part 1, and Oxford Brookes for his Part 2, and completed his training at Westminster in 2012. He regularly lectures on sustainable design at Nottingham University and has tutored at Oxford Brookes.

Oliver's work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy as part of the Urban Utopias exhibition and has been published in Blueprint and FX Magazine.

In this episode, Oliver shares his experience in running a fast-growing architecture practice, how investing in advisers early in the practice had paid itself back many times over, their approach to nurturing client and contractor relationships, and how they are optimizing every part of the practice and aligning it with their vision of building the cities of the future.


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