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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Apr 22, 2019

In this week's interview I speak with Executive director and founder of the Museum of Architecture (MoA), Melissa Woolford.

MoA is a charity dedicated to empowering architects to run better businesses and to support architects communicating the value of architecture to the general public.

In this interview you will...

Apr 12, 2019

This week's podcast is with director of Softroom, Oliver Salway. In this interview Oliver shares how Softroom began using innovative digital rendering techniques to create speculative projects ideal for marketing their architectural talents. From collaborations with emerging design magazines (Wallpaper in 90s) they...

Apr 1, 2019

In this week’s interview I speak with Steve Sinclair, Huw Williams and Paolo Mozzato of Fourth Space about how they have set up a scenario many architects often dream of – owning a restaurant, Ombra on Vyner Street in London and running an architecture practice.

In this conversation the Fourth Space gents share the...