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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Nov 4, 2022

James Pickard co-founded Cartwright Pickard with Peter Cartwright in 1997 and now runs the London office. He has been the lead on a number of award winning and pioneering projects.

He has market-leading skills in housing design, with a particular strength in developing buildable, viable schemes for challenging and complex urban sites and has helped the practice to develop a reputation for innovation and the practical use of offsite construction methods, with a particular focus on lean, low carbon solutions, air quality and wellbeing.

James has a passion for research and has carried out a number of government funded research projects including the potential for 7D BIM, as well as a running a current KTP with the Royal College of Art on designing for Later Living.

James was on the main board of Constructing Excellence from 2005-07 and has been an assessor for several industry award schemes, including having been a jury member of the World Architecture Festival Awards for several years. He was made an Honorary Professor at the Glasgow School of Art for his contributions to the Mackintosh School of Architecture.

James is also the founder of a disruptor platform in the recruitment space which seeks to solve many of the problems that architectural businesses face when recruiting from high recruiter fees, the enormous amount of wasted time spent on hiring and receiving a poor match.

The platform seeks to empower both candidate and employer and provides a fair and bias free process to candidate selection.


In this episode James discusses:

- The problems the architecture faces with hiring and recruitment

- How was born out of these frustrations

- Advice for practices for staff attraction and retention


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