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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Dec 8, 2023

Architects often face the challenge of integrating rapidly evolving technology into their design processes, a topic that's at the heart of this insightful podcast episode. In their conversation, Rion and Roderick Bates explore the complexities and opportunities that come with this technological integration in architecture. Roderick, with his extensive experience in sustainable design and software development, discusses the transformative journey from traditional architectural practice to the forefront of software innovation. He shares fascinating insights about the changing landscape of architectural visualization and the crucial role of technology in design workflows.

  • Discover how a simple internship project can revolutionize the way architects approach design.
  • Learn about a unique software tool that changed the game in sustainable architecture.
  • Find out how virtual reality is breaking barriers in architectural visualization.
  • Hear Roderick Bates' unexpected take on the future of architectural design and technology.

This episode is a treasure trove for those interested in how technology is reshaping architecture, offering a glimpse into the innovative tools transforming the industry.


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