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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Dec 29, 2023

In this engaging podcast, Edouard, a renowned architect from Maison Édouard-Poinsoir, shares his unique journey and insights into the world of architecture. He delves into the intriguing challenges of starting and scaling his practice, revealing the importance of vision and distinctiveness in his field.

Edouard discusses his innovative approach to client relationships and project management, shedding light on how he balances creativity with practical realities like budgets and regulations.

Edouard also explores the fascinating dynamics of working on a diverse array of projects, from luxurious hotels to vital social housing. His experiences in international projects highlight the importance of cultural adaptability and collaboration. The conversation offers valuable lessons and thought-provoking perspectives, stirring curiosity for anyone interested in the architectural landscape.

  • Discover Edouard's secret to standing out in the competitive field of architecture.
  • Learn how he navigates the challenges of client expectations and project constraints.
  • Uncover the unique way Edouard balances luxury and practicality in his diverse projects.
  • Explore the insights gained from his international experiences and how they shape his approach.

We invite you to dive into the full episode for a deeper understanding of Edouard's architectural philosophy and strategies.


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