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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Jan 9, 2020

Some of the most powerful lessons in business can come from interacting with other disciplines and industries.

In this podcast I begin a series of conversations that will continue throughout 2020 where I will speak to a number of business owners, entrepreneurs, app and product developers outside of the architecture industry to understand their stories of creating, organising and building businesses.

This week's story captures the early stages of a new social network driven by civic responsibility and purpose.

I thought this story particularly pertinent to architects as I am meeting more and more architects who are in the process of developing their own apps and tech platforms.

Our profession typically also upholds and shares the same social purpose and desire to contribute to society as this week's guest.

Simon Puleston Jone's entrepreneurial venture begins after a distinguished career having been CEO and then Head of the Futures Industry Association (FIA Europe), Chairman of the Joint Trade Association Group (JTAG), Director at Barclays Investment Bank and prior to that he was solicitor in the Capital Markets Group of the Financial Markets Department of Simmons & Simmons advising on global investment banking and corporate clients.

After an eventful year with a number personal and professional transitions a powerful and transformative personal development and training seminar catalysed within Simon an entrepreneurial hunger and desire to serve others and the environment.

Based on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals the idea was to use tech for good and create a new global social network for individuals, nonprofits, companies and other platforms that are making a difference by taking action on today's pressing social and environmental issues - from climate and sustainability to diversity and beyond.

The app became 'Woken Up.'

In this episode you will learn:

- How Simon took a mission and a vision from idea to app

- How early seed investment can be raised and what obstacles are involved

- How having an appetite for risk whilst knowing how to manage it in an entrepreneurial venture is essential


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Woken Up

Simon Puleston Jones