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Business of Architecture UK Podcast

Jun 11, 2020

An innovative story this week on Business of Architecture UK, as I discuss a piece of software created specifically for architects by architects. was born from a shared vision to provide architects with an easy to use software tool designed specifically to meet the needs of a project team collaborating on a building design and construction project.

Architect Tom Gresford met software engineer Joe Thompson when they were introduced through friends and Tom was appointed by Joe to design his home extension. Working together they found they were both driven to find a way of improving how an architectural project could be planned up front, how progress could be tracked and communicated and generally how the process could be easier for all involved.

In this episode you will learn

- How Joe and Tom developed their software and raised finance

- Why construction is the 'final frontier' for software

- How technology can empower great communication between client and consultant team


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